Aug 31, 2016

So There Are Simone Biles & Usain Bolt Flipbooks...

...and now you know what to put in my stocking for Christmas.

LOL @ Bolt being so fast his book is mostly made up of blank pages...

(via The Flippist)

Aug 29, 2016

How To Lose Sight Of Storytelling & Alienate Fans: The 'Sleepy Hollow' Edition

Let's say you have a show.

Your show turns a familiar tale on its head and rewrites American history in a fun and fantastical fashion. For added measure, your show compiles together a strong and diverse cast whose two leads have an undeniable chemistry that causes fandemonium in the social media streets. Your show also becomes a darling with critics and even has the pleasure to be renewed in a time when TV shows often meet cancellation fate before the first season even takes flight.

So what do you do with your show?

Option #1: Do you keep up the good work and build upon its success, creating new ways to scare and suspend disbelief?


Option #2: Do you sit there twiddling your thumbs, shrug your shoulders, and go: "Meh, let's trash it all." ?

If your show is named Sleepy Hollow, you chose the last option, and congratulations, you've pretty much fucked up your show!

Aug 25, 2016

The Against Leslie Jones Club

Either white fan boy fragility didn't get its daily dosage of privilege or green-eyed monsters just don't like seeing a woman of color flourish, but actress and SNL comedienne Leslie Jones was attacked online yet again. This time it was pretty serious. Nude photos. Hacked. Big ol' mess.

From the outset, there are several obvious reasons why Leslie Jones has become the Internet's punching bag: She's black. She's a female. She's not conventionally beautiful. She's a SNL comedienne ("she should be able to take a joke!"/"women aren't funny!"). She starred in the Ghostbusters remake that 'ruined' a million childhoods.

Those are easy, expected reasons as to why Jones gets heckled the way she does. I guess I want her to be found the mastermind behind an underground fight club for vampire corgis where they fight to the death, winners get to savor their kills with a side of fava beans and Chianti-flavored bones. Something that would be concrete, something legit that would be apropos to call a meeting of The Against Leslie Jones Club. But I've got nothing, absolutely nothing about Leslie Jones that would lead people to be so incredibly vile towards her, except that this is 2016 and being an asshole on the Internet is in vogue.