Apr 8, 2015

Trinkets: Golden Girl

For the longest time I used to be a silver girl. Silver jewelry girl that is. All through high school I wore nothing but silver hoops, necklaces, rings --- even my watch had to be drenched in chrome. You'd think I was allergic to gold by the way I avoided wearing jewelry of that kind, but for some odd reason, I just kept turning my nose up to anything that shimmered 14 karat.

Oookay. Actually I'm telling a teeny-weeny fib --- I did have some gold jewelry growing up. It was mostly gifted, heirloom stuff from my grandmothers that made me look like a baby Liberace whenever I wore it. Gaudy sparkly stuff that was too potent, even for me. Also attached to this jewelry was the stern responsibility of owning and wearing something that was ~*sacred*~ to the family. You know the whole "Great Aunt Millie sweated over cotton and took 50 lashes from massa to get this! So you better keep it you ungrateful git!" type of guilt trip.

Gold jewelry = guilt trip jewelry = me being scared off of even wearing it :-(

But then...something happened...I began buying gold jewelry, gathering up a nice little cache of it. I should say it's majorly "gold" jewelry, as it is costume, but better costume fare as none of the pieces that I own have made my neck look I was getting hickies from the Jolly Green Giant (well...yet).
Now it seems that I buy more gold jewelry than ever before, with my beloved silver now taking a backseat, and well, it just goes to show that we all go through phases as we get older and our tastes change.

In these last couple of months I've collected a substantial amount of gold "medals" and figured I'd share, and with summer on the come up and knowing that gold jewelry makes even the sweatiest drenched tank top look fabulous, taking a gander at some of my current favorite pieces might spark some inspiration for you to get your gold rush on this season.

This pendant necklace from Love Culture is my current favorite thing to throw on for instant glam. Sometimes I call it my Illuminati necklace as the crystal in the middle catches the sun off of the all seeing-eye pyramid in the horizon and then I'm called forth to lead the masses...I'm kidding.

I was looking for a simple, one charm pendant necklace just like this, and annoyingly whenever I find one, the necklace usually ends up resting on my boobs because the chain isn't long enough. I hate when necklaces lie like that. I'm a tall, big bosomed girl and eyeballing necklace lengths from the package isn't always the best thing. But this particular pendant (which cost a measly $7) is plenty long and nicely dresses up the most basic tees in my attire. Since I discovered that I can barely fit a toe into anything Love Culture has anymore (RIP to my small teenage waistline...) I just go into it now for their on fleek n' cheap accessories.  

I had an odd time a few months ago in Forever 21, and it wasn't because I look like a mother whenever I browse through there now. Whenever I prowl through their jewelry kiosk area-thingy I often never have to strain to find something worthwhile yet on this particular journey I couldn't find one single item that piqued my interest and that left me shattered. Not giving up so easily, I did another sweep, and found these $2.99 half-moon/half-circle beauties buried beneath a swarm of studs and sighed with relief. There's something Blanche Deveraux, 1980s hip Floridian grandma about them, and I like that.

Can you believe the lighting bolt and triangle earrings are from Wal-Mart? I can see your stunned and horrified face. I often have to trek to the Americana abomination that is Wal-Mart because the prices for my mother's prescriptions are super affordable, but to be honest, the merch isn't all that bad....actually the Wal-Mart by our house looks like its been sterilized so I don't feel some kind of way about buying jewelry from there, plus they have a really lovely selection that's hard to scoff at.

I was looking for some fun earrings one day and the dangling lighting bolts jumped in my face and screamed "FUN!" so into the basket they went. I'd also been on the hunt for some triangle earrings after seeing my girl Rachel Bilson wear some in a third season episode of Hart Of Dixie (yes, I watch Hart Of Dixie, and yes, I'm gutted that it has ended!). These are similar to the ones she wore, just a little smaller, and of course several bucks cheaper. Both earrings were $4. Score.

This tribal-esque statement necklace is from Forever 21. It cost about $7 and isn't so ZOMG! like a lot of statement necklaces can be which is nice, because some of those necklaces can get too carried away with themselves. This one is quite lightweight, even elegant, and is long enough to where it's not obtrusive. The picture doesn't do it justice as it's a lot more glittery gold than it is muted, and though I haven't worn it as much as the diamond pendant, it's going to get a lot of wear when I begin wearing tank tops this summer as its light scoop design is a complement.

Hello again half-moon earrings...you little creepers...

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