Apr 7, 2015

Dream Wardrobe: The Blazing Style Of Esther Quek

As I near my 30s (*gulp*) I feel that I'm failing at having a signature "look". The "look" that when I walk by DeBarge's "You Wear It Well" plays and everybody knows that it is Jennifer Time© and to soak it in. Okay...lemme step out of my own private movie montage for a sec...maybe I do have a "look" and I just don't realize it, because one sweep into my closet you'll see lots of stripes, dark blue skinny jeans, flats in all colors and styles, and --- to some degree --- a collection of scarves that are almost too pretty to don and almost impractical considering southern Texas' penchant for heat, heat, and more heat.

Most women I know from my mother to the besties have that one signature article of clothing, bauble, or even a distinctive fragrance that let's everybody know that when they walk into a room they have arrived. Fashion "rules" dictate that you're supposed to have a handful of basic and essential items in your closet to complete or enhance any look, and one such item is a blazer. Still, no "rules" could have told me that blazers were essential, as I've been drawn to them since high school back when I got a little obsessed with the '80s blazer style in films like Pretty In Pink and Working GirlAside from '80s film romps, if I want massive blazer/two-piece suit game inspiration for these modern times, I look no further than towards Esther Quek, who slays executive realness each and every time you see her.

Since Quek is a group fashion editor for the classic menswear fashion magazine, The Rake, she knows a little somethin' about wearing a two-piece. From the pics I've seen floating all over the 'net, she's got blazers and suits in almost every color, pattern, style, and size, and this ability to make one basic item into something fresh and unique each and every time is a trick only the fashionably astute can achieve. Like I said, executive realness --- Quek is that saying personified.

The main reason why I want to raid her wardrobe is that Quek flips the gender script on how to wear such "masculine" attire. The pixie-haired Singaporean doesn't go straight tomboy, or even indulges in the androgyny starkness that Grace Jones and Annie Lennox served back in the 1980s (there goes the '80s again...). She really softens the idea of a blazer, allowing it to not do all of the talking by adding in touches like chandelier earrings, stacked bracelets, and candy lacquered clutches to feminize such a structured style. She then dons a pair of sunnies to top it all off and its an instant uniform, but without the constant blandness of one.

I also love how she takes the menswear style from day to night, and if you've stalked scrolled through her Instagram like I, you'll note how effortless the switch is. Quek is just all-around awesome at knowing how to mix-n-match classic menswear staples like pocket squares, knotted ties, and spread collars without it looking like overkill, proving that minimal and consistent doesn't have to be dull, but that it can be your signature look, elevated.

+ For more of Esther Quek's blazing style, check out my Pinterest board dedicated to her. 

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