Dec 31, 2014

Book Looks: What I Read In 2014

I read. I read a lot. I'm not one of those who reads 500 books a year, because...that's insane. I'm a slow reader. I like sinking into words and then really traveling into a story or a situation, and since my time is limited I usually save all my reading for the weekend or over breakfast (pico de gallo cheese eggs and green tea, for the curious ones...). For articles that is a different situation all together, but nonetheless, I still take my time with them, saving a bulk of them to my Pocket app to read for later. (Oh, and real talk, Pocket is one of the most amazing inventions ever).

Since this blog is on it's wobbly legs, looking for a direction to go in, I decided to compile an end-of-the-year list of all my favorite reads of the year, in hopes that maybe I'll have more features akin to this in the new year....and to be nosy and see if anybody out there who skims this blog wants to talk about the reads they read this year. Okay? Alright! Let's get to listing...

Dec 1, 2014

Impressions: Going To The Chapel

It seems like a rite of Pinterest passage to have a wedding board, and after much fussy resistance --- I have one now. No, I'm not getting married (that is if Chris Evans gives me a call...), and at current weddings and the act of participating in them are the furthest from my mind, so consider this board 'Pinterest Peer Pressure' as Pinterest has got jokes thinking that with every pin I expand on I want to look at wedding pins. Then again, I always did like wedding dresses and baby's breath...

Yet, knowing me, what I have culled isn't the typical wedding board littered with DIYs on how to make swan place cards out of parchment paper and endless photos of garden receptions. Don't believe me? This is some of what I've posted so far...

top: Solange going for adventures in paradise Minnie Riperton at her November 16th wedding reception.
middle: (l) Dawn Silva and Lynn Marby of The Brides Of Funkenstein (r) Tequila Sunrise inspired shoot via Junebug Weddings
bottom: From 'The Black House' photo series (1973 - 1976) by Colin Jones

If you want to follow the board, click here.