Jun 5, 2014

Levity: 27 Going On 7

What would happen if you met your younger self? The comedy troupe Mister Sister Comedy found themselves in this position and the results were pretty cute, and a whole lotta awkward.

I know for a fact the former seven-year-old me would be pretty damn disappointed in the 27-year-old me. I wanted to be a veterinarian. I wanted to be a member of a singing girl group. I wanted to also be part-time detective, an ice skating champion with a corvette, a big ol' fancy mansion, and be married to Keanu Reeves AND create and print my own magazine AND publish all kinds of books AND have unlimited access to Disney World. Yeah, I was a dream greedy child, and as you can tell, I'm nowhere near those goals. Well, I did go to Disney World, and I am working on being a novelist...at least.

Also that little girl with the braids was so me at one point in life. I know my younger self would be pretty miffed to know that I stopped rocking braids, cut my hair, wear glasses and that I am STILL boyfriendless. And to top it, little seven-year-old mini-Jen would sound just like my mother. Scary.

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