Muse: Falling In & Out Of Love With Blogging

May 21, 2015

The blogger's daily lament...
When this new year began I put some loose goals in mind. Now with some months into 2015, I can happily say that some of those goals are being met or are in the process of being met. Yay! Go me! Still I also set some private goals, and a lot of those goals dealt with my writing career, and how to stop frolicking around trying to 'find myself' and actually put the little coupon degree I got in journalism to some feasible use. After getting through the battlefield of rejection slips and e-mails for five years, I took took a brave? idiotic? leap to pursue freelancing full-time. I didn't want to give up. At eight, I wanted to be a writer, and at 28, I'm still going to be one, gawddammit, so I bucked up and decided to make plans.

Part of my plans included refreshing my blogs. I outright pressed the reset button on my baby, Audio Diva, and decided that this space, Jen On The Rocks, was going to be my 'fun space' where I also would expand upon several ideas I've been playing around with. All of this had me excited, as I scribbled down ideas, my draft numbers swelling, yet I wasn't this way for most of 2014, back when I had climbed too much into my head and felt myself falling out of love with one of the stable constants in my life.

Muse: How Harriet Tubman On The $20 Bill Could Laugh New Blackness To The Underground

May 15, 2015

The other day I went to the bank to do a few transactions and smiled at the $20 bills that were counted and placed before me after I did my withdrawal. Smiling not because it was some money going towards some cute kitten heels I've been eyeing on ModCloth, but because the roosterheaded former President Andrew Jackson face looked up at me, wonky eyed and all, and I thought, "You're time is up, dead presidential dude." I say this because the Women on 20s campaign announced this week that after several voting rounds, that their winner to replace Andrew "Trail Of Tears" Jackson on the $20 bill is none other than abolitionist and humanitarian, Harriet Tubman.

It's a surprising bit of news considering that the faces on our currency haven't been altered since they were first drafted in earliest decades of the 20th century, but more so that after all these years, a woman, and a Black woman at that, is seriously being taken into consideration as a replacement. Stiff competition abounded as the pool of names included such luminaries as Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, Susan B. Anthony, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, but Tubman won out with over 11,000 votes, a surprise victory after Roosevelt had been in the lead during the grassroots campaign's first round of voting.

Backed by US Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), the Women on the 20s campaign hopes to make the currency change by 2020, which will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment issuing women's right to vote. At the moment, things aren't final yet as there is still a process to enacting this historic change, but the idea is out there and I can't hide that I co-sign the heck out of it, but with the idea of change comes disagreement, as others aren't as enamored with this changing of the greenback guard and some for reasons that truly escape me.

Rant & Rave: Jem & The Holograms Film Is Far From Being Truly Outrageous

May 14, 2015

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Heard about the new Jem & The Holograms movie?

Did you notice that absent from it is glamour, glitter, fashion, feisty feminism, and THE MISFITS?!

Oh, and there is more foolery at hand, and you bet your 'Showtime Synergy' that I am bothered and bewildered about it all as the new trailer for the upcoming film fails to impress and leaves my childhood in glittery ashes.

You can read my rage manifesto at sister blog, Audio Diva.

Levity: Wake Up An Hour Earlier, So You Can Make Yourself Girlier

Apr 30, 2015

You know that one Drake song...the one where he says with a straight face: "sweat pants, hair tied, chilling with no make-up on, that's when you're the prettiest, I hope you don't take that wrong"

Yeah, I kind of take it wrong, Wheelchair Jimmy. 

Maybe I get all in my lady feelings about this sort of thing, but I always find when dudes say this they are full of bunk, because what they really mean is they want you to look like you "woke up like this". Where the sweatpants don't have Doritos Nacho Cheese stains on them, where your face is free of foundation and eye corner crud, but is showing off that ~natural beauty~ of mascara, nude lipstick, and blush. Where you look like you jumped off the pages of the sleepwear and lingerie section in a Victoria Secret catalog. Okay, maybe I'm being harsh, because women do it each other too, as I remember this one flake of an acquaintance telling me once that I looked "strange and different" when I rocked make-up, and then when she saw me without make-up she told me I looked like "myself" but "sick"? 

So gila monster with make-up, and gila monster without make-up? Gotcha.

For unexplained reasons I have been lukewarm towards comedienne Amy Schumer. I noticed her and well, that was it. Well, she's got my undivided attention now as her One Direction parody, "Girl, You Don't Need Make-Up" is a stupendous and hilarious examination of the strange passive-aggressive behavior some people fall into whenever they try to tell a woman how she should (or shouldn't) fix her face. I love how in this one video she jabs hard at the subtext of boy band songs of my youth that paraded this sort of "you look good just they way you are, but..." diatribe, while making an astute observation of how women feel under the male gaze. Just fantasmical. And to top it, it's a damn catchy little ditty too that tosses out hilarious lines like "wake up an hour earlier, so you can make yourself girlier" and "think of a clown and work your way back". I also love how they have a Justin Timberlake/Justin Guarani-look alike wedged in there...just so perfect.

And remember ladies and gents...people wear make-up for a lot of different reasons, and a majority of us wear it not because we're trying to impress our beaus and bosses --- we wear it because we LIKE IT.

Muse: On Getting Over Procrastination...Later

Apr 29, 2015

Benjamin Franklin's daily schedule. Showoff.
There is a quote that I've been seeing a lot of on the 'net that has given me a slight twitch. It reads: "You have as many hours as Beyonce."

Um, yeah, about that....

It's easy to be flippant about time when you're talking about a person who has gobs of money and a team of minions working to make things go as fanciful and fabricated for them as possible. Though I'm in the minority that is convinced that Beyonce is like that android in Men In Black --- you know the one, where they open its face and inside there is a little alien operating the controls --- I still dislike that quote. It maybe harmless and petty (and maybe my aversion towards Beyonce is showing...) but it just sounds...arrogant, superior in its tone because you don't know my life, and you don't know my struggle with time management.

As I'm at the jagged edge of my '20s, time management is something I thought I'd get the hang of by now. I should know that when my phone alarm sounds at 8:00 in the morning, that I need to get my ass up and run the list of to-do's in my brain while I brush my teeth. Yet, I roll over and it's 9:00...9:30...10:00, and then I'm up and rushing, and putting off projects and responsibilities, being just way behind on everything. Being on a fine-tuned schedule is something that I wish I could be on. It's actually something I'm supposed to be on considering that I have things to write, errands to run, social media to engage in, and Bubble Witch Saga 2 to dominate. Every start to a new month, I tell myself to get on some sort of routine. I rattle off in my head, "Okay, Jen, this upcoming month you're going to go to bed before 2am. You're going to have all your posts for the week completed and ready to be queued. You're going to write one full chapter and be done with these so-called "novels" before the end of the year." Yet by midnight, I'm like "screw it, let's just Pinterest and Netflix the night away! Weeeee!" and I'm further off-balance.

I hurt myself.

Muse: What If We Love Black People As Much As We Love Black Culture?

Apr 17, 2015

Sometimes when I come across cultural appropriating issues whether it be fashion editorial spreads gone wrong or anyone with the code name of Igloo Australia, I admit to finding the situation hopeless to explain especially when said issues come up in mixed company. Some aren't listening. Some take defense. Some believe that it's a personal diss towards the individual, and not what the individual is actively doing that is inappropriate. Some just roll their eyes and believe you're overreacting. All of it just becomes too exhausting to contend to after awhile and thus, I tap out and keep the thoughts to myself. Still mum I shouldn't be as cultural appropriating is an issue, a B-I-G one, and if undetected it becomes easier for us all to pass it off as "normal" behavior when it's far from that.

Maybe next time whenever I find myself combating with small-minded folk, I'll directed them to actress Amandla Stenberg's nuanced breakdown of culture appropriation and the historical and sociological context behind it.

Trinkets: Golden Girl

Apr 8, 2015

For the longest time I used to be a silver girl. Silver jewelry girl that is. All through high school I wore nothing but silver hoops, necklaces, rings --- even my watch had to be drenched in chrome. You'd think I was allergic to gold by the way I avoided wearing jewelry of that kind, but for some odd reason, I just kept turning my nose up to anything that shimmered 14 karat.

Oookay. Actually I'm telling a teeny-weeny fib --- I did have some gold jewelry growing up. It was mostly gifted, heirloom stuff from my grandmothers that made me look like a baby Liberace whenever I wore it. Gaudy sparkly stuff that was too potent, even for me. Also attached to this jewelry was the stern responsibility of owning and wearing something that was ~*sacred*~ to the family. You know the whole "Great Aunt Millie sweated over cotton and took 50 lashes from massa to get this! So you better keep it you ungrateful git!" type of guilt trip.

Gold jewelry = guilt trip jewelry = me being scared off of even wearing it :-(

But then...something happened...I began buying gold jewelry, gathering up a nice little cache of it. I should say it's majorly "gold" jewelry, as it is costume, but better costume fare as none of the pieces that I own have made my neck look I was getting hickies from the Jolly Green Giant (well...yet).
Now it seems that I buy more gold jewelry than ever before, with my beloved silver now taking a backseat, and well, it just goes to show that we all go through phases as we get older and our tastes change.

In these last couple of months I've collected a substantial amount of gold "medals" and figured I'd share, and with summer on the come up and knowing that gold jewelry makes even the sweatiest drenched tank top look fabulous, taking a gander at some of my current favorite pieces might spark some inspiration for you to get your gold rush on this season.